Quaker Spiritual Healers

The Quaker Spiritual healers were set up as a special group within FFH. Its purpose is to provide professional training within the context of the Quaker ethos. The QSH sets standards and codes of conduct for spiritual healers who provide healing services for specific clients or patients.

The Quaker Spiritual Healers inaugurated in 2001, is a sub-group of Friends Fellowship of Healing. It adheres closely to the Quaker ethos of simplicity and directness of approach to the Divine source of all healing.

The group is fully insured and it adheres to a strict code of conduct.

The group was formed because so many people nowadays feel the inspiration to offer `hands-on' or contact healing, and, following the example of George Fox and other early Friends, are led to offer their time and service to others.

There are three types of membership:

  1. Full healers
  2. Probationer healers
  3. Associate members

All members are required to be fully paid-up members of the Friends Fellowship of Healing. As such they can then apply to become full healer members of the QSH. If they are seasoned quakers and already practising full healer members of another recognised healing association, if they take the four-day course which is run by two co-tutors twice a year, they can then apply to become probationer members. This is followed by a (discretionary) two year probationary period.

The purpose of healing is to bring the body, mind and spirit into harmony and allow the body's own natural healing process to function, so creating wholeness and a restoration to health. It can be given for any illness or injury.

Healing is particularly good for relieving stress, and Penny Brohn Cancer Care centre recommend healing for help in living a fuller, more balanced life.

Healing may not always cure an illness, but healing often alleviates pain, puts problems into perspective. and improves the quality of life and one's well-being.

There is always some benefit from receiving spiritual healing: it may be a change in one's attitude of mind to the presented problem; it may bring an ability to cope; or it may bring the greatest gift of all, peace of mind.

For further information on finding a spiritual healer please contact QSH Membership Secretary.