Moving Towards Wholeness A personal workbook for your healing journey

Moving Towards Wholeness is a personal workbook authored by Stephen Feltham and Peter Wilson.

This prettily illustrated workbook takes the spiritual traveller through a series of steps designed to help them focus upon what healing, wholeness and the Spirit means for them.


Originally conceived as basic notes for a day’s presentation about Moving Towards Wholeness this workbook facilitates an uplifting insight into one’s own spiritual being. This 48-page workbook book comes with an additional Journal for recording one’s thoughts and personal discernments during a spiritual journey.

Simply bound together by a neat band these two elements of the workbook will suit an individual or a couple of F(f)riends or may even be used as a vehicle for a day’s spiritual exploration by any larger group.

Whilst already enjoyed by several mature Friends this workbook may be an excellent publication for younger Quakers or those just beginning their journey with the Religious Society of Friends.


Further copies of the Journal may be downloaded from our downloads page or from here.

Download the Moving Towards Wholeness flier here MTW flier.pdf