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Friends Fellowship of Healing

Friends Fellowship of Healing

A UK Quaker Group

Upholding the cause of the healing ministry within the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain, and practising healing for the benefit of those in need.

FFH is a UK Registered Charity, No. 284459







FFH Publications


Valerie Cherry Grief Experienced  -– second edition £1.80
Joan Fitch  Handicap and Bereavement  £1.00
Sue Glover Frykman ‘Rite’ from the Spirit £2.00
Kitty Grave A Pool of Quiet – meditations for a month £1.20
Joanna Harris (ed.) In Praise of Claridge House £2.50
Joanna Harris & Alan Pearce (eds.) Quakers & Healing Today £2.00
David Hodges George Fox and the Healing Ministry £4.00
" Science, Spirituality and Healing £2.25
" Seeking to Heal? £1.20
Louie Horne A Closeness of Living: the spiritual legacy of Louie Horne £2.00
Rachel Pinney Creative Listening £2.00
Christina Pumphrey Meditations £2.00
Jim Pym  What kind of God, what kind of Healing?      
New edition
Anne Smith (ed.) Friends find Words… £2.50
" A House of Stars: Celebrating Life and Life after Life with Children and Angels  £3.00
Rosalind Smith Simple Healing £1.20
" Quakers & the Spiritual/Psychic Dimension £2.00
" Meditation and Contemplative Prayer £1.50
Elizabeth Stubbs (ed.) Coming Through the Darkness £1.50
Mavis E.Timms Lift Up the Stone £2.00
Monica Stafford An ordinary woman’s journey on the mystical path 90p


Available from:

The Manager
Claridge House
Dormans Road
Surrey, RH7 6QH

Tel: 01342 832150.

Please add postage. 

Cheques to be made out to Claridge House.





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