Towards Wholeness

Towards Wholeness is the ‘voice’ of the Friends Fellowship of Healing,  published three times a year in March, July and November and is usually a compilation of articles, poetry, letters, reports, book reviews and items of interest contributed by the members.

A selection of past editions of Towards Wholeness is free to download below but feel free to make a donation at our payments page should you wish to say 'thank you'

         TW 135 Spring 2013                              TW 142 Summer2015

         TW 136 Summer 2013                          TW 143 Winter 2015

         TW 137 Autumn 2013                           TW 144 Spring 2016  

         TW 138 Spring 2014                              TW 145 Summer  2016                   

         TW 139 Autumn 2014                           TW 146 Autumn 2016

         TW 140 Winter 2014                             TW 147 Spring 2017

         TW 141 Spring 2015                             TW 148 Summer 2017


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