QSH Training Course

This training course, originally based upon MFSH requirements is a very gentle and also professional induction to spiritual healing. There are many healing courses available in the UK but this is the only one that specifically provides training with that special and simple Quaker ethos respecting the nature of the Divine in healing. The venue, Claridge House which is well known and respected for its vegetarian menu and recently updated accommodation has a wonderful healing ambience that is so appropriate to our healing course.

Topics covered during this course which runs from afternoon on day of arrival to after breakfast on day of departure is as follows:

Code of Conduct/Ethics,
The Quaker Ethos in Spiritual Healing,
The Healing Act,
Meditation & Visualisation,
Setting up a distant healing group
Several practice sessions,
The 'Listening Ear',
Professional requirements, insurance, reporting of notifiable diseases etc.
Ancillary topics such as Chakras, Dowsing etc.

To apply for this course book directly with Claridge House but please advise us via our contact page that you have done so.