Healing is a divine gift and

denied to no one

A pathway to release,

rest and recovery

Together, we journey

towards wholeness

Friends Fellowship of Healing

The FFH is one of the largest single interest groups within the Religious Society of Friends in Britain, with a membership of around 500 including some overseas members. It attracts a great deal of interest and support, in particular at Yearly Meeting where it offers a healing and counselling service and holds its annual general meeting, preceded by an address.

The spiritual power of a group can far exceed the sum of the individual members, and so within the Fellowship there are Groups who meet regularly to pray for those who are in need. These groups hold the needs of their Meeting and individual members in the loving, recreative power of God; to be a channel for healing and so deepen the spiritual life of the Meeting.

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Towards Wholeness is the ‘voice’ of the Friends Fellowship of Healing, 

published three times a year in March, July and November and is usually a compilation of articles, poetry, letters, reports, book reviews and items of interest contributed by the members.

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Spiritual Healers

A sub-group of the Friends Fellowship of Healing.

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Nationwide Day of

Nationwide Day of Healing
3rd March 2018

Perhaps as never before, what the world and all its people need is healing. Everywhere we look, we see sadness, sickness, tragedy, starvation, homelessness, unnecessary killing and conflict. Add to that the damage caused by mankind upon the environment, and it would be impossible to deny that what the world needs now is indeed healing. All are asked to participate.

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Claridge House
Our recommended Quaker centre for healing, rest and renewal in Surrey.

Claridge HouseDormans RoadLingfieldSurrey, RH7 6QH01342 832150www.claridgehousequaker.org.uk

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Healing Haiku

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