An Extra Way for doing Distant Healing

Most, know that Quakers Hold in the Light any person or situation which they wish to have healed.  Thus, we send a ‘healing prayer’ to the Holy Spirit, believing that we become conduits (or channels) for that Healing and Creative Power.

No intercessory words are usually used (or telling God what to do!). Instead, we simply tune into whatever we believe is the Divine Source of Healing and indicate the need (e.g. -  Pam’ s mum who has cancer). We are therefore having the Intention and the Faith that healing will be sent.

We believe it is ‘a Thy Will be Done’ situation.  -  So that a holistic (body, mind and spirit) response which is the best one, will happen. The result will perhaps not be perceptible to us, nor necessarily be a cure but maybe will instead be a peaceful  passing - whatever is God’s  Will, regardless of our hopes or desires.

Most FFH members will be sitting in a healing circle, once a month and doing this. Or maybe, as well, you Hold in the Light whenever you hear on the radio, or in some other way, of some tragedy (e.g. an earthquake) so you are moved to send healing as an individual.

However, there are so many, many situations in this world which we need to ask to have healing sent to. Also, wouldn’t it be even more powerful if we all joined together, on a certain day each month to Hold in the Light individually in our own homes? We could then tackle in turn, some needy situation which we were all Naming together.

So we are suggesting that we have one Need we each all pray for each month by Holding in the Light, doing this alone, but joining all together on the same day.

The needy situations are listed below.

The first Friday of the month at 12 noon seems to be a date and time which most people can remember.  But if one forgets it wouldn’t matter as God works in Eternal Time (i.e. not in Chronological Time)!

 March - The prevention of conflict and unrest in the world.

April     -The sustainability of our planet.

May     - The prevention of famine and disease. Education for good nutrition and organic agriculture.

June    - The upholding of democratic and peaceful governments.

July    -  The maintenance of music and art in our world

August- The provision of a sound education and culture for everyone.

Sept    - The maintenance of wild nature, animals, birds and fish on land and sea.

Oct      -The education and provision of doctors and nurses and other health professionals for an effective NHS and a healthy world.

Nov     - The teaching of philosophy (i.e. right thinking) ethics, morality and spirituality to prevent extremism but instead create a balanced peaceful world.

Dec    - The control of populations so there is housing and facilities for all.

Jan    -   The development of a fairer, more equal world.

Feb    -  An understanding of justice and compassion by all, so crime is no more.