Healing is a divine gift and

denied to no one

A pathway to release,

rest and recovery

Together, we journey

towards wholeness

Friends Fellowship of Healing

The FFH is one of the largest single interest groups within the Religious Society of Friends in Britain, with a membership of around 500 including some overseas members. It attracts a great deal of interest and support, in particular at Yearly Meeting where it offers a healing and counselling service and holds its annual general meeting, preceded by an address.

The spiritual power of a group can far exceed the sum of the individual members, and so within the Fellowship there are Groups who meet regularly to pray for those who are in need. These groups hold the needs of their Meeting and individual members in the loving, recreative power of God; to be a channel for healing and so deepen the spiritual life of the Meeting.

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Towards Wholeness is the ‘voice’ of the Friends Fellowship of Healing, 

published three times a year in March, July and November and is usually a compilation of articles, poetry, letters, reports, book reviews and items of interest contributed by the members.

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An Extra Way
of Distant Healing

Most, know that Quakers Hold in the Light any person or situation which they wish to have healed.  

Thus, we send a ‘healing prayer’ to the Holy Spirit, believing that we become conduits (or channels) for that Healing and Creative Power.


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send many e-mails to folk but when we do we want to make sure only those people who have asked for it actually receive e-mails. All members are automatically on our e-mail list but if you are just interested and want to keep up to date with events and special news then go to our Contact Page and select "e-mail opt in".

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Meditations, Visualisations & Exercises
A recent publication from FFH

"Meditations can be pointers to a greater experience", so says Rosalind Smith compiler of this fabulous A5 book of meditations and visualisations beautifully complemented with colour photographs.

Borrowing from many and assorted scenarios such as rocking chairs, rose gardens, chakras and Sufi walking, these meditations will take one or a group into that special place deep within oneself that may lead to a profound stillness and peace, or awaken one to a profound awareness and enlightenment.
This book is a very easy and pleasant read at any time of day or night. It is spiritually uplifting.

Listen to a sample meditation here. "A meditation for inner quietness"

A simple workbook
for your spiritual journey

A simple workbook for your spiritual journey
Moving Towards Wholeness

A simple workbook to accompany your spiritual journey.

This prettily illustrated workbook takes the spiritual traveller through a series of steps designed to help them, focus upon what healing, wholeness and the Spirit means for them.

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Spiritual Healers

A sub-group of the Friends Fellowship of Healing.

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Nationwide Day of

Nationwide Day of Healing
First Saturday in March Each Year

Whilst snow and ice has been very disruptive on this day in the past and Friends showed remarkable Resilience and fortitude and many Meetings for Worship for Healing were held in Friends’ houses other years have been far more conducive to travel.  2020 was disupted by Covid and similarly in 2021 and 2022. Nonetheless thank you for sending us your feedback for the days last year and any special moments you had shared, and please do the same for this year's day.

Perhaps as never before, what the world and all its people need is healing. Everywhere we look, we see sadness, sickness, tragedy, starvation, homelessness, unnecessary killing and conflict. Add to that the damage caused by mankind upon the environment, and it would be impossible to deny that what the world needs now is indeed healing. All are asked to participate.

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The Cycle of Hope

"AWAKENING" The Cycle of Hope
Awakening is a spiritual work by Stephen Feltham, a Friends Fellowship of Healing member and author of several spiritual articles and sets of poems. Awakening charts the journey of a spiritually lost soul from his initial awareness of his lack of spirituality to the embracing of hope and the realisation of the joy and healing that has arisen from his journey.

Awakening's current status is the Cathedral Edition. In addition to a standard preface it has an additional preface covering key spiritual aspects deemed appropriate because of the choral works church premier at Salisbury Cathedral on June 22nd 2024. The Cathedral edition contains two poems;  Cycle of Hope and Cathedral. The choral work will also be performed in Poole Lighthouse on June 9th 2024.

The book comprises a text describing the journey of a seeker of truth as he awakens within Stonehenge at some distant time past. His name is Aspirant and he is watched over by a witness called Attestor who sees and comments only on facts. These are put to a sage, one of great wisdom and her name is Savant. Savant is supported by a heavenly choir, The Celestials, and they bring joy and choral ambience to Aspirant's life.

Aspirant's journey is described an a prose text and it follows the heavenly cycle of the vernal (or spring equinox), and summer or long solstice, then the late or autumnal equinox, culminating in the winter or short solstice.

Following the prose text is a libretto which is series of poems describing the experiences, observations and feelings of the characters. The libretto, (Which is used extensively by the composer Paul Carr in his wonderful choral setting), is followed by a Prequel which explains how the characters came to be at Stonehenge and how their personalities came to be developed.  The prequel consists mostly of poems which are a strict poetic structural format.

The score for Awakening is now available for purchase from Goodmusic Publishing and may be purchased here.

The book Awakening may be purchased via EBAY our Publications page.


Claridge House
Our recommended Quaker centre for healing, rest and renewal in Surrey.

Claridge House, Dormans Road, Lingfield, Surrey, RH7 6QH.  01342 832150   
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Healing Haiku

Don't let your past
determine your future

Don't let your past determine your future